Friends of the Poul la Cour Museum

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Povl-Otto Nisssen Leif Poulsen Inge Lis Dalsgaard
Per Lindegaard Jensen Niels Andersen Niels Bo Jørgensen

From the left: 
1. row: Chair Povl-Otto Nissen, Vice Leif Poulsen, Cashier Inge Lis Dalsgaard,
2. rov: Secretary Per Lindegaard Jensen, Niels Andersen, Niels Bo Jørgensen.

     Friends of the "Poul la Cour Museum" is a support association of the "Poul la Cour Museum", located in Poul la Cour’s old wind turbine laboratory at Møllevej 21 in Askov. The association was founded at the first general meeting on 16 June 2000.
    The purpose of the association is to represent the people’s support of the museum and assist in the establishment and maintenance of the museum.
     This is achieved by creating an awareness of the historical research in wind technology of Poul la Cour at the "National Test Turbine" in Askov one hundred years ago and the significance of this research for bringing electricity to the Danish rural communities.
    Other important tasks are recreating several of Poul la Cour’s test structures, finding original effects for the museum and help to redecorate it.
     The association must also assist in finding funds for the museum through informing about the work of Poul la Cour. These funds will mainly be administered by "The Poul la Cour Foundation". 

Members of the support association "Friends of the Poul la Cour Museum" are people - private as well as companies and institutions - who will help to fulfil the purpose of the association and who have an interest in the historical development of wind power in Denmark.

The annual subscription of the association is DKK 150 per person and DKK 250 for couples. and 500 DKK for Companies The subscriptions and donations to the work of the association are independently administered by the foundation.

Members are registered by contacting the cashier: cashier or the chairman: chairman.
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