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The Board of the Poul la Cour Foundation:

Bjarke Thomassen

Bjarke Thomassen

Designated by
Askov Bylaug

Steffen M. Søndergaard

Steffen M.

Architect m.a.a.

Designated as craft and construction member

Jytte Thorndahl

Jytte Thorndahl
Mag. art. Curator
The Danish Energy Museum

Designated by
the Energy Museum

Birger T. Madsen

Birger T. Madsen
Consultant Wind
Turbines, BMT Consult

Designated by Research Center Risø, Department for Wind Power and
Atmospheric Physics


Troels Thomsen

Troels Thomsen

Designated by the Board of the Foundation

Anne-Marie Howe

Anne-Marie Howe

Designated by the Foundation as
US PR-member

Linda Klitmøller

Linda Klitmøller

esignated by
the Museum
at Sønderskov

Povl-Otto Nissen

Povl-Otto NIssen
Associate Professor

Designated by
The Poul la Cour Museum's Friends


     "The Poul la Cour Foundation" was founded on 25 March 2000. Its purpose is to preserve Poul la Cour’s test station for future generations, establish a museum on the premises and gather information about the history of wind power.
     Sponsored by the Danish Wind Industry, a last-minute rescue mission saved the historic buildings that hold the early background of the modern Danish wind industry.
     Poul la Cour, who lived from 1846 to 1908 is internationally known for his experiments and research of using wind energy for electricity production. He also researched ways to store electricity e.g. he turned the surplus electricity produced on windy days into hydrogen.
     Poul la Cour was known both nationally and internationally as the founder of modern wind turbine theory. Some years ago, the European Wind Energy Association, EWEA, introduced "The Poul la Cour Prize".
     The test station in Askov was initiated in 1891 and completed in 1898 with a building designed by the architect P.V. Jensen-Klint who later became famous for the Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen.
The former test station is now a museum for the work of Poul la Cour and the development of wind power in Denmark until today.
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